Aqua Pilates - Agility! Force! Endurance!

Aqua Pilates brings the classic Pilates exercises to strengthen the body perception, improve the body and conscious breathing into the water. A holistic body training with focus on strengthening the back and abdominal muscles is waiting.

Participants train in quiet and functional movements, which can be continuously increased. The natural water pressure also provides a light connective tissue massage.


The water resistance intensifies the well-known Pilates exercises, since you need 4 times the muscle strength in the water than in the classical Pilates studio.

In this course, beginners and advanced trainers train each other. No prior knowledge is required. It is trained in the standing water with and without aids and the special attention given to the back.


  • Strengthening abdominal and torso muscles
  • Conscious breathing and relaxation
  • Enjoy the flowing movements in the water
  • Discover a new body awareness


Course content:

Aqua-Pilates brings the classic Pilates exercises into the pool, taking into account breathing, concentration and movement. For Aqua-Pilates, the activation of the "Powerhouse" is the first priority.

Buoyancy and resistance in the breast water bring a new dimension into the Pilates exercises. They gain better stability in the trunk, improve their body posture and prevent back pain. The integration of breathing is always part of the program. Various devices like the pool-Noodle or Aqua-Disk make the program varied.

Discover how you gain more strength in the hull and build a better body!

Ursula Jenal

Founder/Personal Fitness Trainer specialized in Pilates

I am a certified Fitness and Pilates Trainer, from Germany. In Ireland I first certified as a Fitness trainer. Since I moved to Spain I specialized particularly in Yoga and Pilates. My role is to help individuals achieve their personal and professional goals. What I have encountered in my previous years in working with great people, was just how unaware most people were about the importance of a balanced body, mind and soul. I made it my priority to help find balance through personalized workout routines, customized to ones particular needs.