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7 Reasons to move your Training outdoors

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 17, 2017 7:51:59 PM / by Sabine Kamson

Outdoor training offers not only a lot of variety, but numerous other positive aspects.  

There are so many benefits to working out outdoors, for our mind, body and spirit.  Here are just a few tips and benefits to tickle your fancy and get you out there moving on that sand. Our top reasons to move your training outdoors.  


1. Fresh air stimulates your immune system

While you are exercising in wind and weather, you are always giving your body new stimuli. Sometimes it is pleasantly warm, then again somewhat cooler. Corresponding clothing and an optimally controlled movement intensity ensure that you do not get cold. 

reasons to move your training outdoors | UJ Pilates Pro

2. Exercising outdoors - In the most beautiful gym in the world

We train in the most beautiful gym in the world, outside! Sandy beaches,  beautiful palm trees, the Sea, fresh air, sun, rain, sunrise, sunset, blue sky, gray sky or starry sky. All of this is part of our outdoor training. Through the active experience of the four seasons you will learn to appreciate all weather ice cream.

3. Reduce stress and well-being

Several studies show that outdoor sports can be associated with the decrease of tension, confusion, anger and depression. Five minutes of free-play training can improve your mood and self-esteem. Outdoor training in the fresh air gives you new strength and new energy and improves your mood. In particular, if you feel tired and limp, or are in a bad mood, it is worthwhile to train with us in the green. For while your body takes up the fresh oxygen, your negative mood will quickly turn into a more positive mood. Possible problems are then often blown away, and possible solutions and ideas often fly you just so. Our circuit training lasts at least 60 min and is therefore the best way to recharge your batteries after a stressful day.

4. By regular training in the outdoors you get rarely ill

Training in the fresh air also stimulates your circulation and your blood circulation - It also trains your immune system, strengthens the defense mechanisms of your mucous membranes and protects you against colds. Regular exercise in the fresh air is especially important in the winter when your mucous membranes suffer from the dry heat of the air. Inhaling the fresh air makes your body more resistant to infections. I suppose that this is not a novelty for many, but why do most people still train indoor in a gym? My recommendation to you, make it better than most others and come out!

5. Different training stimuli for more effective training

Equipment training in the gym can quickly become one-sided. An outdoor workout, on the other hand, provides your body with the most diverse training stimuli and puts it into new adaptation processes again and again. The different subsoils like grass, sand, hills, stairs etc. offer an inexhaustible selection of alternative exercises. We also use Functional Training Equipment such as Kettlebells, Sling trainer, Battle Rope or Elastic Fitness bands.  

6. Load up on Vitamin D  

Especially in the winter, many suffer from a vitamin D deficiency, which can have a negative effect on the body and the psyche. Sun refueling during outdoor training gives your body the possibility to form the vital vitamin D. Vitamin D strengthens our bones and contributes to an improved metabolism. In addition, sunlight has a positive effect on our sleep and immune system and stimulates the production of endorphins.     

7. Go Barefoot

To feel the earth and the sand underneath your feet is very therapeutic. It is also a great way to determine your natural gait. Working out barefeet builds and strengthens the muscle in your feet. The arch in our feet, our calves and the muscles below our knees all get developed and strengthened, as well as our quads.  


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Sabine Kamson

Written by Sabine Kamson