What is Pilates?

Pilates is a figure-shaping whole body training, in which not individual muscles are addressed in isolation, but whole muscle chains. It uniquely combines strength with agility. Muscles are stretched, the body center and the whole body silhouette are tightened. It leads to a better attitude and balance and harmonizes movement sequences in everyday life, as well as in the exercise of other sports. The exercises are very variable and can be adapted to the anatomy, condition, and objective of each individual.
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First and foremost, the often neglected deep musculature of the back and the body center, which is particularly important for a good, healthy attitude, is addressed in Pilates training. Another focus is the focus on an optimal alignment of the individual parts of the body with each other, since deficiencies can lead to health problems. The aim of the training is a harmonious relationship between strength and flexibility, which is achieved by a controlled and precise execution of the exercises. The body is contracted from within. Fixed breath patterns optimize the movements. Awareness of deficiencies is trained, whereby negative patterns can be abandoned and replaced with more efficient ones.

Benefits of Pilates Training

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