Yogilates: combination of yoga and pilates

Yoga and pilates have many similarities. Yogilates brings together both sports. The young discipline offers a mixture of relaxation through yoga and exercises to strengthen the back to Pilates.


Pilates and yoga: relax and tone the body

In the case of yoga, the main focus is on relaxation, while on Pilates the toning of the body is strengthened by the targeted strengthening of the back muscles. Here and there, it is all about flowing movements. And in both yoga and Pilates exercises, breathing is of great importance. The similarities are no coincidence, as Joseph Pilates studied the yoga theory intensively before developing his exercises. So it is actually only a logical step, that Yoga and Pilates have been offered in combination for several years. The catchy name for this is Yogilates.

This is how Yogilates works

Yogilates can be run almost anywhere, anytime of the day. You do not need any devices or other aids. A mat or a pillow and comfortable clothes are enough. Yogilates uses a combination of strength and stretching exercises, breathing exercises and balance exercises. The workout involves the entire body because the flowing movements extend to all areas of the body. These are mainly exercises from Hatha yoga. According to Pilates, the movements are coming from the middle, the so-called Powerhouse.